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About Our AC Repairing Service

If it’s a hot summer day and you need your air conditioner installed before the heatstroke sets in, look no further than ABHS. While you might consider yourself an amateur man, attempting an AC installation without the proper knowledge and training can be a dangerous job. If you make a mistake and damage your air conditioning unit, the chances are that any warranty or guarantee you have will be rendered invalid. Using the ABHS platform, you'll be connected to the best, local air conditioner installation professionals, who will be able to securely and safely install your AC in your window. 

If you don't have an AC already, you can buy one from ABHS with delivery and professional installation included!

Friendly 24/7 customer service.

Backed by the Happiness Guarantee.

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Prices above one only for the labor charge for the selected Item. It there are more issues or maintains and need they wish to be invoiced separately. 30 day's warranty on work.